Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 21 - Friday, September 18 - Work day at IBM Silicon Valley Lab

Since we were traveling down the length of California, it was relatively convenient to stop in at the lab to see Frank Butt, my new manager, and colleagues and get setup to work in the mainframe computer environment. It was a productive day and good to meet people who I've only worked with remotely. The lab here is located in a rural area on the south end of San Jose, surrounded by hills on the north with cattle grazing and fruit trees to the south. I used to come here frequently but hadn't been here since around 2002.

Carmen spent the day working on minutes for the Indian Lake Association and doing some shopping at the mall across the street.

We went out to dinner with Frank at a very authentic Chinese restaurant. Chinese TV was playing and we were the only Caucasians there. Frank ordered food which was very good although different from what we usually get.

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