Sunday, August 30, 2015

Day 2 - Sunday, August 30, Indian Lake to Holland Patent (David's mom's house)

Mileage: 168

It is a beautiful morning in Indian Lake with clear skies and little wind.

It was a perfect time to go kayaking to the cove on the the other side of the lake with the water like a mirror at times and a few ripples when the wind starts up. There are no other boats on the lake early in the morning. Near the cove there were three loons diving for fish. A black cormorant flew over, an unusual sight on the lake. On the way back, there were a few boats with people fishing but it was still very quiet.

We needed to load up the car and close up the cabin, turning off the water and hot water heater, before going to the Indian Lake Association board meeting at another board member's house a few miles down the road.

Our cabin

View of Indian Lake from our deck

Last time kayaking for the season

Day 2 Route

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