Friday, August 28, 2015

Day -2, Thursday, August 27 - prequel - back at IBM

20 months into retirement, IBM made me an offer I couldn't refuse, to work 3 days a week as a "retiree supplemental". For the past few months I've been helping my old DB2 spatial team with some open source development and also assisting with customer issues - it is interesting and keeps my mind active. But now I'll get paid for it.

I had to go down to the IBM Poughkeepsie lab for the "onboard" process. While I will be working remotely from my home office, some things need to be done in person to verify that I am a legal citizen and fill out various forms.

While we will be traveling on vacation for the next 5+ weeks, I will be keeping in touch with the team in San Jose, CA and hope to meet with them as we travel down the California coast.


  1. hmmm - customer issues or customer problems? ;)

  2. thanks for the update! keep 'em coming!

  3. sounds like a smooth start. i'm sitting on your porch talking to the real you and the blog you. love it!