Saturday, October 10, 2015

Day 37 - Sunday, Oct 4 - Akron, OH to Home!

Starting mileage:  10020 Starting time: 8:00 am

Ending mileage: 10518 Ending time: 4:00 pm
Travel mileage:  498 Travel time: 8:00 hours

As we've been driving back, we've noticed the purple asters blooming, a sign of fall. As we traveled into Pennsylvania we knew that fall was really here with all the maples that were starting to turn red, orange and yellow.

There weren't a lot of deciduous trees along our return route until we got to eastern Ohio. It was either desert, high elevation pine forests or farmland. It was fairly dense mixed deciduous and conifer forest the rest of the way home.

We didn't make any stops on the last day other than for essentials. We did stop at the Hurley Ridge Market to get a rotisserie chicken and some other things for dinner. After eating out every night for 5 weeks, it was nice to eat at home again.

The post office was supposed to hold our mail until we picked it up after our return but there was some confusion and our mailbox was stuffed absolutely full with mail. There was a cardboard box on our picnic table with the rest of our mail. Fortunately the canopy over the picnic table kept the mail dry.  We did a first try triage on the mail, separating our the junk mail and magazines from checks and bills.

Although it was sunny during the day, it was only 60 degrees in our family room and we made a fire in the woodstove for the first time.

Day 37 route

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